Hark back to the days of luxurious bookbinding with our Blue Luxe cover design.

The original book, crafted in the heart of Amsterdam in 1715, was bound in goatskin with opulent gold tooling.

This special binding contains a volume of the Oratio Dominica (Lord’s Prayer) in almost 150 languages and dialects, many of which are rendered both in Latin transliteration and in their original scripts, engraved in the text or as folding plates. Compiled by English courtier John Chamberlayne, the completed document contained so many languages that it appealed to readers all across the globe.

The second part of the original volume contained nine remarkable articles on typefaces and languages, including the first publication ever of De Variis Linguis by the great German philosopher and polymath G.W. Leibniz.

The intricate details of this design reflect the tapestry of cultures in its original pages. The translations spanned from Europe and Asia to Arabia, Persia, Syria and Turkey.

Our Graphics team selected this design from the British Library and initially experimented with gold filigree on red leather. Ron explains, “We had tried 16 other CMYK colour options before determining that the gold would be fantastic on this luxurious blue leather background. There was some major repair work completed in the lower right frame to restore the gold back to its original form. By adding lighting effects on the background, we added more ‘drama’ and interest to draw the viewer in and be captivated by the journal cover. Another challenge, as with all images, was to maintain the look and integrity of the gold across various formats from grande to guestbook, to mini.”

Blue Luxe is available as a grande, ultra, midi and mini hardcover journal, a guest book and a bookmark.


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