Paperblanks comes to game night!

Our iconic designs come to life on playing cards with full-colour printing and metallic inking. With iridescent shine and customized card backs featuring some of our bestselling antique binding designs, our playing cards will bring a touch of luxury to your game night collection.

Pictured here: Pinnacle and Golden Pathway playing cards

Choose from Azure, Aurelia, Golden Pathway and Pinnacle designs and step back in time to the golden age of bookbinding. Our playing cards come inside beautiful packaging, luxuriously accented with silver foil and an embossed texture. Each card is printed on high-quality, 300 gsm card stock using FSC-certified paper with a borderless back card design featuring perfectly mirrored imagery.

Our cards make for the most exquisite playing experience as each deck is performance coated and metal cut for thinner and stiffer edges that make for a crisp melody while shuffling.

Featuring a standard poker deck of 54 cards, each product comes with an additional design story card that tells you all about the design’s real history!

Pictured here: Pinnacle playing cards inside their tuck box packaging embossed with foil

Is there a Paperblanks cover design you would like to see on future playing cards?


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