We hope you are as excited as we are about the recent launch of our washi tape collection. Our unique designs with details of metallic foiling can add a creative flair to anything! The possibilities are endless but if you want some suggestions on how to use your new Paperblanks washi tape, here are eight creative ideas:

1. Decorate your bullet journal

Create borders, fasten photos to a page, create a collage, tie colour themes together or add a pop of colour. There is no wrong way to use washi tape. Ever.

2. Create page markers and tabs

As washi tape can easily be removed without damaging paper, you can use it to mark pages for easy reference. Just fold a strip of tape over the top of the page so it sticks out slightly from the top.

3. Personalize objects

Washi tape is a great way to instantly upgrade everyday objects like cellphone chargers or even a clock! Or wrap a little bit of tape around your pens and pencils as an easy way to identify them.

Idea and photo by Yonnie in our Graphics Department

4. Create a mood board 

Use washi tape to secure light pieces of paper or photos to a wall for an at-a-glance inspiration board.

5. DIY cupcake toppers

For added cuteness, simply wrap a piece of washi tape around a toothpick and then fold it in half. Snip the ends into a flag shape and voila!

6. Make gift giving extra special

For that gift to be extra special, use washi tape instead of regular tape, or use long strips of washi tape over white or kraft paper to create an interesting pattern. Then make a matching gift tag.

7. Create a handmade greeting card

Over a blank card, use the washi tape to create shapes or fill them in with colour and texture. And what better way to spruce up your correspondence than to add a thoughtful detail on the envelope? Simply stick washi tape around the edges of the envelope or to secure the closing tab.

8. Add creative flair to your paperclips

Adding a bit of washi tape is probably the easiest way to elevate and personalize your desk accessories. For this quick project simply slide a piece of washi tape inside a paper clip and then fold it in half. Snip the ends into a flag shape. 

Are there any other great uses you have found for washi tape? Let us know in the comments section! We’d love to try them out.


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