And now for something completely different…

We could not be more excited to share our first foray into the world of fun and games with you! Expanding on our passion for celebrating life’s special and everyday moments, we are pleased to introduce our debut line of jigsaw puzzles.

Pictured here: Madame Butterfly, Van Huysum, Dharma Dragon and Moon Garden jigsaw puzzles

We have incorporated many of our unique cover treatments onto premium blue board to make these puzzles not only visually appealing, but texturally so as well. The blue cardboard material used is made from 100% recovered paper to form an environmentally friendly chipboard backing. This high-quality material also allows the puzzle to lie flat, and stay flat, when assembled, meaning the final design will always be beautifully displayed.

Pictured here: Madame Butterfly jigsaw puzzle in progress

The complex imagery and 1000 pieces of these puzzles ensure an experience that is mentally engaging, yet fun and enjoyable.

Whether you’re planning to spend a cozy afternoon with family, challenge yourself intellectually or enjoy a games night with friends, our new jigsaw puzzles are sure to create a memorable experience.

Pictured here: Van Huysum puzzle packaging with stack of puzzles in background

This first season of designs includes Dharma Dragon, Madame Butterfly, Moon Garden and Van Huysum.


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