Nowhere is the heft and glory of history more palpable than in the book arts. The 19th century brought several innovations, both functional and aesthetic, to the craft of bookbinding. Advances in mechanization enabled publishers to start producing books on a large scale while staying true to the exquisite, ornamental beauty of the cloth- or leather-bound book.

Our Nocturnelle design is a reproduction of an antique French binding designed in 1829 by publishers A. & W. Galignani for The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore. It features many of the hallmarks of fine binding from that era, when book designers looked to their forebears from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries for guidance.

The cover suggests the fine Moroccan leather used at the time, as well as the structural sturdiness, careful finishing and ridged spine preferred by discerning bibliophiles. The decorations mirror architectural trends of the time such as rosettes, spirals and stylized leaves.

Be inspired by antiquity with Nocturnelle, now available as a softcover Flexi notebook in ultra, midi (lined and unlined) and mini (lined) size formats.


  1. This is one of your most beautiful designs! It is stunning . I really hope you consider making the Nocturnelle in hardcover with the clasp in the Ultra size again… and midi sized with a clasp too!


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