trav·el·er or trav·el·ler
n. One who travels or has traveled, as to distant places.

Marie sent us this photo from her trip in East of France. It depicts her French Ornate Vert journal in front of a citadel in Lorraine, France. She wrote us the following about her trip:

 This picture was taken in August 2012 while I was visiting my family in France. This fort was designed by Marquis de Vauban on the site of an old castle in 1962. It was built on top of a rocky promontory which overlooks the town. It is known as the “unassailable.”


My grandfather used to write his memories in journals and often referred to the citadel, which is a real source of pride for the people of the area. Journaling has become a tradition in my family; I’m writing my History as my ancestors used to do.

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