Serendipity is what happens when the Paperblanks journal you take on vacation perfectly reflects your vacation spot. Instagram user @Lidawed took her Ori Dune journal to Vietnam and captured the perfect photo of her book in the sand dunes. Reflecting on experience, she writes:

I first saw Paperblanks in Milan a few years ago and have since fallen in love with them. Now, inspiration is always close to me. I travel a lot and always take a notebook. On a trip I have a lot of thoughts and ideas that I need to write down.

Before my trip to Vietnam I was looking for a notebook which would then have been associated with the country. I spotted the Dune journal from the Ori series, so you can imagine my surprise when during my journey to the small Vietnamese village Muine I found real sand dunes! Dunes represent the rampant sand and wind power, the beauty and majesty of nature. They left a indelible impression on my life. And now this wonderful notebook reminds me every day of my amazing journey.

You can see more photos of @Lidawed’s travels and impressive Paperblanks collection by visiting her website and Instagram page.


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