Did you know that we launched our first Paperblanks collection in 1992? That was the year we released a simple “line list” of bound journals featuring 18th-century botanical illustrations, Elsa Warnick wildflower paintings and classic imagery from Japan’s famed Edo period.

Over the following 25 years we have travelled around the world to find new artwork to bring to our journals, all the while experimenting with our printing processes to create the textures, foiling and unique closures we’ve become known for. The story of every book begins when we first see a piece of art that inspires us, and continues as we develop the design and bring it to market.

But the real journey is the one that begins when a Paperblanks product is selected and brought into an individual’s life. From the personal nature of choosing a cover to the intimate thoughts and drawings that go inside a journal, each book is as unique as the person who uses it. Every blank page beckons a new adventure, the journal becoming a trusted companion along life’s journey.

So that’s why we want to spend our 25th anniversary celebrating your journeys! We are planning a year’s worth of promotions and special releases, running from now through April 2018, all designed to get you involved in the Paperblanks process.

We will be making our first BIG announcement tomorrow online. Be sure to follow the hashtag #Paperblanks25 on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so you can be the first to know!

Thanks for being an integral part of the Paperblanks journey!

About Paperblanks: 25 years ago, we created Paperblanks to help keep book heritage alive and vital in our modern age, and to offer an inspiring space for people to express themselves. Thanks for joining us on this journey! For more about Paperblanks, go to our website at paperblanks.com.



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