Our Peek Inside… series takes a look inside peoples’ personal journals to celebrate their creativity and inspire others. Message us at facebook@hartleyandmarks.com if you have a project that you would like to be featured.

This month we wanted to show you Alessandra’s detailed, elaborate Paperblanks journals. She told us some of the following about her books:

“I use my  journal to write daily sensations and facts. I pick up all the memorabilia of the day – ticket, cards, tags, ect. – and I make a collage of them using post-its, stickers and stamps. Sometimes I use glue to put it all together, other times I make a little pocket to put other papers inside. I put in my journal everything that I want to remember, everything that  is important.

“My goal with these books is to capture my feelings for the future in a way that is also pleasing to the eye. By the end my journal is a whole world to be discovered, with secret pockets like a little bag . In my journal I want to preserve everything that I find and see because all of it is a piece of my life that I want to remember. I like thinking that my sons in the future will discover my little world and use it to remember every aspect of my life.

“Advice I can give to other people is to love every single bit of the day – even the negative things because it’s all part of our lives.”

“I’ll often write in my journal a song that I heard that day that I want to remember or a song that I’m listening to when I’m writing”

“I used to put a little face on the pages to remember how I felt on that particular day.”

“I create mini-prints of my photo using a Canon Selphy CP810 and a Polaroid Pogo. The size is perfect for my journal.”

“Sometimes I draw something and put it in my journal with a paperclip.”

“I love stationery and I use a lot of it in my journal.”


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