If you’re a writer, you’ll know the importance of possessing the right tools and part of your toolbox should be the correct writing space. Your space is, first and foremost, a work area. But it’s worthwhile creating one that you want to visit every day!

Read on for some tips on designing a writing space that’s both functional and inspirational.

Dedicate Some Space

First, and perhaps most important, is carving out a dedicated writing space in your home. What’s key here is that this is an area that you devote only to one activity – writing.

If you don’t have the luxury of an extra room, get creative and find a spot that you can turn into a distraction-free zone. It could be an unused corner of the bedroom or kitchen. Or make like Virginia Woolf’s writing space and convert a toolshed in your garden for a blissful writing retreat!

Create a Comfortable Environment

Next is ensuring you are as comfortable as possible so you can let those creative juices flow. Since you’ll be seated for long periods of time, invest in a quality ergonomic chair. Make sure that your desk is set-up too and is the correct height for your chair and your frame so there are no unwelcomed aches and pains at the end of the day. Equally as important is optimal lighting. If possible, position your desk beside a window to benefit from natural light which should aid your productivity as well as your spirits.

Add Some Inspiration

Just because it’s a place of work doesn’t mean you can’t add some pizzazz to your writing space, whether it’s plants, favourite quotes, books or stationery that reflects your personality. In doing so, you will create a space that you’ll enjoy coming to every day and set yourself up for creativity and success.

Let us know how you have designed your writing space!


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