This Baroque-inspired cover comes from a 1725 binding of The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio, a masterpiece of Italian literature dealing in stories of love and lust. Boccaccio was an Italian writer and poet who helped lay the foundations of Renaissance humanism.

Pictured here: Fiammetta edge printing and spine details

Romantic in tone and form, The Decameron broke with medieval standards by focusing on human emotions and ambitions, especially the ability to overcome (and even exploit) one’s fortune. Today, it remains an affirmation of humanity and moral values.

Pictured here: Fiammetta bookmark, midi, ultra and mini hardcover journals and pencil case

With golden flowers and arabesques bursting forth from a rich, red background, and highlighted with golden book edge printing, Fiammetta is now available as a hardcover journal, pencil case and bookmark.


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