Show off your individual style with these portable new totes!

Featuring design elements of the same Paperblanks title on either side of the bag, our first season of totes celebrates a sense of escapism and fantasy. Choose from either Celestial Planisphere or Verne, Around the World and take a unique piece of art with you anywhere you go.

Pictured here: Verne, Around the World and Celestial Planisphere canvas bags

Designed to hold up to 7 kilograms (approximately 15.5 lbs), these strong cotton bags have a durable strap that is the ideal length to carry the bag over one’s shoulder, leaving the eye-catching design on full display. They also offer a zippered interior pocket to keep smaller items protected.

Pictured here: Flip side of Verne, Around the World canvas bag

Is there a Paperblanks cover you would like to see on a future canvas bag?


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