1. Start with a Number

Start your year of reading with a set number of books you would like to hit. Try beginning with an achievable goal. Twelve can be a great starting figure if you are just beginning your reading challenge, which will even out as one book per month.

2. Choose a Genre

Struggling to find inspiration for what book to read next? Try allocating a different genre for each month. You can even let the seasons help you, diving into a thriller in the fall and getting lost in a beach-side romance for your summer vacation.

3. Join a Book Club

One step further on the hunt for inspiration would be to take part in a book club. A great way to ease yourself in is to start up your own club with some friends. Sharing in the reading experience each week will not only make reading even more enjoyable but will keep you accountable too!

4. Set Page Goals

Another fantastic way to help achieve your reading challenge for 2020 is to set micro-goals. Keep things organized by setting yourself a certain number of pages or chapters to read each day, making sure that the goal is achievable. Try starting with two chapters a day to avoid early reading burnout.

5. Create a Reading Nook

One of the joys of reading is settling in somewhere comfy and cozy and getting lost in your literature of choice. Encourage yourself to read more by creating an inviting space in your home that is dedicated to reading.


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