We first brought Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn to the Paperblanks catalogue as part of our Embellished Manuscripts Collection. Originally released in Fall 2006, we offered two different Rembrandt journals featuring his art on the front covers as well as his signature on the flap closures.

This season, in commemoration of the 350th anniversary of the iconic Dutch artist’s death, we are releasing one of those journal designs as new Special Edition. This new Rembrandt’s 350th Anniversary journal features his 1641 etching called The Windmill.

Though today remembered as one of the world’s greatest painters, Rembrandt was an equally accomplished etcher who transformed the art form with his unique innovations. Extraordinary nuances of shade and detail, as well as human emotion, sprang from his lightness of touch. He would etch – or scratch – through a layer of resin onto copper plates, which were then immersed in an acid bath. The etched lines would become grooves which held ink to be printed onto paper in a mirror image. In this particular piece, one can really see the effect this brushed acid could have, as he used it to create the diagonal wisps of clouds across the piece.

You can learn more about Rembrandt and this new Special Edition journal by visiting its product page on our website!

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