For our “X Questions With” series, we’re speaking with talented individuals from around the world who have inspired us with their creativity and passion. If you have a story to tell or someone you’d like to see profiled, let us know in the comments or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!


Today, we’re chatting with Katharina Maunz, a young fashion blogger with style to spare. To see more of Katharina’s photos, art and poetry, visit her blog ( or check her out on Instagram!

1) Please tell us a little about yourself

Name: Katharina Maunz
Age: 15
Country: Austria
Passions: Fashion, photography, writing, books, drawing, painting, art
Training: Still in school
Occupation: Student
Favourite Quote: “Be different and love it!”


2) We found you on Instagram when you tagged one of our journals in a post. How does using a journal help with your blogging?

All of my ideas are in there. Words and drawings. So, it is just part of my style and in this way part of my blogging.

3) Why did you choose a Paperblanks journal?

Because I just love them! The paper is thick enough to draw on, the design is absolutely beautiful, and the size is perfect to carry my sketchbook around with me everywhere.


4) When checking out your Instagram and website, it’s obvious you have such a unique and well-defined sense of style. What types of clothes or outfits do you find yourself especially drawn to?

I have so many different clothes, I can’t really describe my style. It’s like: Every day I get up and then it depends on my mood what type of clothes I choose. But, what I can say: I love colour and pattern.


5) How did you get into fashion blogging?

I just want to show my style, tell the world who I am.


6) Other than fashion, you show your photography and writing on your blog. Are these distinct pursuits for you, or do you find that your fashion, photos and poetry complement each other?

In my eyes, they belong together, because all of these items are part of me.


7) Have you received any formal training in the arts?

No, I would love to, but because I’m still in school, there is not enough time.

8) Has anyone, or anything, in particular inspired your creativity and artistic passion?

There are often various things or artists that inspire me, but I can’t say there’s one special person or item.


9) Any advice you would like to share with aspiring bloggers?

Just be who you are. Don’t hide behind masks. Be different and love it.




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