Sometimes at the Endpaper Blog we get the unique opportunity to offer a platform to creative journallers from around the world. Today, we are excited to welcome writer, blogger and traveller Denise as she shows us how meaningful it can be when your journal cover inspires what you write inside. If you know of someone (like yourself!) that we should feature on the Endpaper, please send us an email at apps@paperblanks.com.

DeniseI am a Libra true to form, craving a balance of strategy and logic with creativity and imagination. In my career as a Financial Planner, I help Canadians every day put together a solid financial plan to help them reach their goals in life. I find my work to be extremely rewarding and satisfying, and I am so grateful to be part of people’s lives that way. On my off time, I get to explore my creative energies through my passions of photography and writing.

I’ve been journaling as far back as I can remember. Anything related to books, literature, paper, pens, etc., have always been my thing. What can I say? I love to write, yet I am extremely particular about what I write on or in. There is no question writing is a dying art since technology has moved into the scene. Yes, I use my computer and iPad all the time, but it’s more out of practicality that those methods of mass writing enter my realm. Writing about my passions, interests, and being able to reflect on my personal growth—those are things that, to me, belong on paper, not inside a hard drive.

My Paperblanks journals are very important to me—they represent a source of inspiration that can’t be garnered from anything else. The stories that inspire the look of the journals are equally as unique as the covers and bindings themselves, to the point where they have actually created a purpose for me to write when I initially had none. I am fortunate enough to have a local store close to my office that carries a wide selection of Paperblanks journals, and have also shopped for them throughout Great Britain. I’m sure when I go to Italy in September I will be overwhelmed with more choice!

Each journal I have serves a specific purpose, whether it be for planning a trip, notes from interesting books I’ve read, or just day-to-day observations. I have one that I have all my learnings of Egyptology in; I have one that houses my thoughts on Shakespeare’s plays; and, I have one that holds all my dreams and aspirations in life. The mere act of writing itself is so rewarding to me; however, the experience is heightened that much more when it is kept in a special place that I can revisit and cherish through the years.


I read A LOT of books. These journals represent some of the places I will make notes from books I read. I also believe in passing on books for others to read. We have so many “things” in this world, and since I have such a large book collection, I have decided to pass them along to friends, family and as donations to charities as well. People truly appreciate the thought, especially when you accompany the book with a Paperblanks journal so they can take notes and pass the book on.



These journals focus around my impending trip to Italy. The red one, whose cover is associated with ancient Rome, is my trip planning journal; the pink one is my record of various spiritual symbolism that I am currently studying; the blue one is coming with me as a sketchbook; and lastly, the one that mirrors one of Michelangelo’s letters is for the spectacular time I will spend in Florence.

Denise Levine.


Further info about me:

• Published writer in BC Vacations Magazine (on-line)
• Certified Financial Planner with RBC
• Director of University Women’s Club of Vancouver
• Writer of THERE WAS AN INCIDENT… blog on Blogger
• Mother of an amazing daughter with autism
• began writing at age 2 with my mom’s lipstick


  1. Wow Denise – very impressive. I have ALWAYS loved your “There was an Incident” blog and your pictures from your travels. You are talented my friend!!!

  2. Great job Denise. You’re an amazing, and talented young woman. Your article has tweaked my interest
    in journalling. I will be checking out Paperblank journals. Thanks Denise.

  3. Writing by hand does seem like a dying art, but Denise’s thoughts about journals has captured the essence of humanity in just a few paragraphs and photos. We all need gentle reminders of what’s really important in this busy world and you have touched on one of the simplest and most beautiful ways. Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. Wow! Thank you everyone for your responses. We are so pleased that Denise’s post as inspired you (we had a feeling it would!). It is wonderful to see the effect that the simple act of handwriting can have.

    All the best!


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