We are happy to announce that our beautiful new line of Memento Boxes will be arriving in stores this winter! Featuring the designs of Kirikane revivalist Sayoko Eri, PaperblanksĀ Memento Boxes hold endless possibility.

Available in square, rectangular and octagonal shapes, these decorative paper boxes feature the same exquisite ornamentation and attention to detail as the rest of the PaperblanksĀ line.


  1. I am interested in boxex and a good phone book with e-mail and several phine number places. Thank you. A beautiful jounal would also be appreciated. I am from Europe and seem to have difficult time to find things to my taste. It seems everythinh looks the same. There is nothing out there with a little pizzaz, different. I like my pocket calenders covered in leather and my journals too, somthething, Americans do not seem to appreciate. The or houseshoues from here or Ausstralia have cardborad liner. You cannot see it but I always wondered why my feet did not get warm. In Germany and England they make them with cork as layer and I thought the Aussies would do that too, well not so, I threw mine away and ordered a bunch of german one for the uk Co would not send them to me after I paid for everything in full. I do not know why. The merchendise in this country is for the rats. EGN

    • Hi Emma,

      Our address books have plenty of room for phone numbers and email addresses as well as mailing addresses. Please check out our website to see what designs our 2014 collection of address books, journals and boxes are available in. You can use our Store Finder to help you locate them in Australia.

      The PaperblanksĀ® Team


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