Andrej Cezner
The Netherlands/Holland
Places Travelled & Place lived:
I love to travel, but I hate to arrive. I’ve been in France, England, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Egypt. I lived in Egypt and Bosnia for a while.
La Divina Commedia, The Saga Of Darren Shan, Norwegian Wood, I Ching/I Tjing (Book of Changes)
Enki Balil, Leonardio Da Vinci, George Harrison, Salvador Dali
Eras of History:
Renaissance/Golden Age, Late Middle Ages.
The Butterfly Effect, Zodiac, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, V for Vendetta, Pan’s Labyrinth
The White Stripes, Son House, The Black Keys, Billie Holiday, Radiohead
Socrates, Plato, Confucius
Songwriter/Guitarist/Application Designer
Creative Works

What would one find in the pages of your Paperblanks journal?
Every one of my notebooks has a different purpose.  I keep one for dreams, one for poems and another for songwriting.

Do you have any specific themes that you like to work with?
I keep a dream journal to chart what I dream about each night.  First the words come to me, then the strings to connect them together, following figures and symbols that help fully understand the meaning of my dream. I then start adding in colour, often bold like black, white, red, yellow, green and blue. If I don’t dream, I draw a swallow in black and white to reference it.

No matter what type of creative art you make, what or who first inspired you to make it an essential part of your life?
When I was younger, Eminem inspired me to write things down on paper.  Not that I was good at rapping or any such matter, but I was inspired with the way he found words and then used them like a sword. Jack White inspired me to pick up the guitar. The first chords of Apple Blossom – powerful and yet so simple –  made me fall in love with The White Stripes.  These two artists inspired me to become a songwriter myself.

How did you find Paperblanks?
While travelling, I once stopped at a train station and discovered a little bookstore which sold Paperblanks. I was looking for a day planner, actually, because the digital version just doesn’t work for me. After some browsing I noticed the cleverness and personality of the Paperblanks day planners. They amazed me, so I bought my first Paperblanks on the spot and have kept buying them for different purposes since. You could say that I fell in love with Paperblanks at first sight.

What sets Paperblanks apart from other journals you’ve used?
I’d say the personal feel of the journals, the quality of the paper, the way that the words flow out of my pen without my notice – it just feels right.

Do you have a favorite design?
Old Leathers “Foiled” and “Sun & Moon” from the Leonardo’s Sketches collection are two of my favourites. I find the Renaissance look and feel of both of these designs exceptional.

Do you have any advice for other creative people?
There are no limits to what you can do, and keep an honest heart. Most beautiful things come from the heart.


  1. It’s fun to see that there are other people than myself who keep dream journals. Paperblanks journals inspire one to write. =)

    Thanks for interesting blog posts!


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