Here’s something neat we wanted to share with you: images of Paperblanks-branded Japanese wrapping cloth, or “Furoshiki.”

Furoshiki are traditional Japanese cloth used to wrap objects of nearly any size or shape. Only available in Japan, these Paperblanks-branded Furoshiki cloths come in two variations – yellow and pink – and are based on designs from Paperblanks’ Brocaded Paper collection (Specifically the collection’s Honey Bloom and Golden Fuchsia designs). (And it’s not the first time our Brocaded Paper designs have been adapted into another medium. Click here to check out what an Austrian instrument-maker created with the same designs!)

The cloths are also packaged with matching journals in gift box sets seen in the below images.

But here’s the kicker – only a 1000 of these cloths were produced!

Furoshiki Basic Knot & Wrapping

For those interested, here’s a video explaining basic Furoshiki knot and wrapping techniques:

Where to Buy Them in Japan

For those interested in making an attempt at tracking down these beautiful cloths, our Kyoto office has provided us a list of Japanese retailers who sell them:

  • Some Loft stores,
  • Some Tokyu Hands stores
  • Yurindo Akiba
  • Nagasawa Bungu Centre
  • Kawachi
  • Daimaru Kyoto department store
  • Sagawa Art Museum
  • Utsunomiya Museum of Art
  • The Museum Modern Art, Gunma

Tell us what you think!

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