There are few things as intriguing as a flawed theory. The evolutionary tree of life envisioned by Charles Darwin (1809-1882) has been proved an oversimplification, but his essential concept lives on in the work of leading scientists. Where he saw evolutionary branches as discrete, today’s biologists see cross breeding that would turn the tree into an impenetrable tangle.

Darwin forever changed the way we perceive both nature and ourselves. He popularized the term “evolution” and gave strong evidence that all species have developed over time from common ancestors. His research, much of it conducted on a five year voyage on the HMS Beagle along the South American coast, led to his first drawing of the evolutionary tree, as well as his most famous book, On the Origin of Species. Today scientists think in terms of “supertrees” and see millions of evolutionary vines in addition to the branches, but Darwin’s spindly drawing remains the palimpsest.

Darwin’s Original Tree of Life Drawing – Re-Created On A Journal

Darwin’s “spindly drawing” of the Tree of Life discussed above has been re-created on a design in Paperblanks’ Embellished Manuscripts collection of writing journals, as seen in the picture on the right.

This writing journal is available in two sizes: ultra and mini.

Paperblanks’ Embellished Manuscripts Collection

To inspire the writer, these unique writing journals portray the work of some of the greatest writers, thinkers and artists of all time. These reproductions of excerpts from original manuscripts, letters, scores and drawings provide a glimpse into the creative process of figures such as William Shakespeare, Sigmund Freud and Vincent van Gogh.

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