If your approach to organization could use an overhaul, or you simply want to hold yourself more accountable and adopt some better habits, our dot-grid planners may be just the tool for you.

One of the beauties of this style of journalling is that it’s fully customizable to you and your needs.

So whether you’re new to this method of planning or simply looking for some inspiration, we’ve rounded up four ways to use your next dot-grid planner.

1. Budgeting

Using your journal as a budgeting tool can help you have a better idea of where your money is going. Whether it’s drafting out weekly or monthly budgets, our dot-grid planners are an ideal tool to keep awareness over your finances and hit any savings goals.

2. Travel Planning

While travel can be spontaneous sometimes, there are certain aspects that will make everything run smoother if they are kept on track. Use this space for organizing everything from transportation details, itineraries, packing lists or simply aspirational plans for future trips so you can make those travel dreams come true.

3. Sleep Tracking

There’s no denying how important sleep is to our daily routines, overall health and well-being. Using your dot-grid planner to keep track of how much sleep you get helps you notice any patterns that might emerge and identify any changes you could make to improve your quality of sleep. Noting down a nighttime wind-down routine could also help build positive habits before bed.

4. Meal Planning

A little meal planning can go a long way. Not only will it keep you from panicking over what’s for dinner, but your dot-grid planner can help keep it all in one place. Get creative with how you plan out each day and week’s menu and jot down shopping lists, recipes you’d like to try and more!

What do you use your dot-grid planner for?


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