Our Morris Pink Honeysuckle design reproduces an original work by one of the most renowned figures in the decorative arts, William Morris.

As a textile designer, he developed a unique style that charmed his contemporaries and has since become a point of reference for all those interested in design and decoration.

In the past we have reproduced a honeyed brown version of this honeysuckle printed cotton design and were so pleased to discover this new pink and pastel variation.

Pictured here: Morris Pink Honeysuckle hardcover journal

Morris’s creative approach was characterized by his pronounced views on what constitutes beauty and a firm belief in the essential value of art and handicraft.

He believed that traditional crafts ensured higher-quality products, and so he made his furnishings using traditional weaving and the old technique of hand woodblock printing.

Pictured here: Morris Pink Honeysuckle hardcover journal

For motifs, he looked to nature as his primary source of inspiration, which for him had an added element of defiance to the corrosive Industrial Revolution. Morris had a firm belief that any decoration is futile when it does not remind you of something beyond itself.

Our Morris Pink Honeysuckle design is available in these formats: ultra, midi and mini hardcover journal, bookmark, canvas bag, pencil case and washi tape.


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