The beauty of a blank page is that there are no rules about what you write or create on it. But if you’re unsure of how to start your new journal, or are looking for inspiration for your next entry, here are seven unique ways to get journalling:

  • Nature Journal – Press flowers, clip trimmings or draw what you see while experiencing nature and you’ll be a budding botanist in no time!
  • Weather Journal – Mother Nature is fascinating (and temperamental!) and offers many opportunities for interesting observations, especially as you start to notice patterns or changes over time.
  • Travel Journal – As we begin to get back into vacation planning and travel opportunities, use your journal to make memories of all the interesting places you visit.
Pictured here: Inkblot hardcover journal
  • Mixed Media Journal – Our back cover pouches are great for storing ephemera in your journal, but sometimes these mementos are just as important as the journal entries themselves. Use your journal as a scrapbook, pasting in photos, ticket stubs and anything else you want to remember to enhance each entry.
  • Creative Writing Journal – Lying somewhere between a personal journal and a novel-writing notebook, a creative writing journal gives you the opportunity to express yourself in new ways, such as trying out a new poetic style or writing a diary entry in the third person.
  • Line a Day Journal – Similar to our 5-Year Snapshot Journals, writing one quick line or entry each day is an approachable way to begin your journalling practice.
  • Quotation Journal – Keep track of the quotes that inspire you, challenge you or simply make you laugh, and feel free to get creative with how you write or decorate them!
Pictured here: Mother Robin 5-Year Snapshot Journal

Which new style of journalling are you most interested in trying out?


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