As part of our 30th birthday celebrations, we’re sharing a peek behind the scenes and introducing some of the people who help bring our products to life. Check out the Paperblanks30 tag for more special anniversary content!

Tell Us a Bit About Yourself

First Name: Robyn

When you joined the Paperblanks team: July 2013 (wow, almost 9 years!)

Role at Paperblanks: Brand Manager

Journal you’re currently using: Verne, Twenty Thousand Leagues (for my daily to-do list), 2022 Peacock Punk Bold (as my grande desk planner) and Morris Windrush (for random thoughts and meeting notes).

Passions: It may sound trite, but I just love learning. I’m in a book club and on a pub trivia team, and am always on the lookout for opportunities to meet new people and be exposed to new viewpoints and stories. That’s why I love the part of my role here at Paperblanks that allows me to dive into the historical research behind our cover art, name our new products and share those stories with you!

Pictured here: Morris Windrush bookmark and softcover Flexi notebook

What is your favourite Paperblanks cover art or product of all time, and why?

I really loved our Alistair Bell Collection. It was the first series featuring Canadian art and I loved the details of Bell’s etchings and woodcuts. I thought our Graphics Department did an amazing job bringing those textures to the covers of the books.

Pictured here: the Alistair Bell Collection of hardcover journals

What makes you want to be a part of the Paperblanks team and help bring our products to the world?

Having been with Paperblanks nearly 9 years, I have been afforded so many opportunities to learn and grow. From writing copy (you’ll see my byline on many of these blog posts!) to engaging with our social community (that’s usually me you’re chatting with!) to learning about ecommerce and even candle production, there is always a new adventure. I also really appreciate that we are a close-knit, supportive team, despite having offices on different ends of the globe. I’ve made some lifelong friendships here, that’s for sure.

What is one thing people might not know about Paperblanks the company?

How small we are! Everyone here works so hard to make each and every product come to life and to bring them to market. We may seem like a big, international company, but it’s truly a passion project for many of us.

Where do you hope to see Paperblanks go over the next 30 years?

Something I love about Paperblanks is our creative and passionate #PeopleOfPaperblanks community. I love being able to learn directly from our customers what they want to see from us and I really hope to see the company and community continue to grow together. I want Paperblanks to be a name that everyone recognizes, and for them to know that it represents an inclusive and engaging space for everyone to express themselves, in addition to being those iconic covers!

Normally this is where we thank our Paperblanks team member who shared their favourite things with us, but since I’m both the profiler and profilee, I will just take this time to thank you, the reader, for being part of our 30th anniversary celebrations!



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