As part of our 30th anniversary celebrations, we’re taking a deep dive through our archives to share our evolution over the past three decades. Over the years we’ve featured cover art from all eras and cultures, from medieval manuscripts to digital collages.

Today we’re looking at 30 artists who have been featured on our covers, from our earliest releases in 1992 to this year’s 2022 collection.


Georg Dionysius Ehret

Our original Botanicals series featured four elegant engravings by Georg Dionysius Ehret (1708–1770)

Jacques Hnizdovsky

Our Hnizdovsky’s Animals featured whimsical black and white prints from Ukrainian American artist Jacques Hnizdovsky (1915–1985)


Leonardo da Vinci

Our first Leonardo da Vinci covers featured his sketches, like this Florentine woman and self-portrait

Barry Moser

This spiral-bound notebook featured a depiction of Lewis Carroll’s White Rabbit by master engraver Barry Moser

William Morris

William Morris is one of our favourite artists to work with, and our first covers featuring his art reproduced works in progress of designs like Windrush and Honeysuckle

Ma Yuan

Our Handstitched Tao series featured works produced by Chinese artists between 1190 and 1559, like this Egrets painting by Ma Yuan (1160–1225)

Shui Yim Tse

Our Calligraphic Shufa series featured a single shufa (Chinese calligraphic symbol) by master calligrapher Shui Yim Tse, like this one representing “Joy”


Albinus Elskus

Our Blue Madonnas series reproduced 20th-century stained glass works by Lithuanian-American artist Albinas Elskus

Laurel Burch

One of our most popular cover artists of all time, American artist Laurel Burch has contributed countless colourful cover designs over the years, including Indigo Sky Mares and Balinese Women

Antoinette Silas

Our Hopi Art series reproduced handmade pottery by contemporary Hopi artist Antoinette Silas of the Parrot & Kachina Clans

Louis Comfort Tiffany

Our Tiffany Leaded Glass series reproduced stained glass art created by Louis Comfort Tiffany at the turn of the 20th century

Gérard Degeorge

In the early 2000s we had the pleasure of scouring through travel and architecture photographer Gérard Degeorge’s vast collection of slides, selecting many photographs representing a wide variety of world art, including those used for our Jali Walls and Gates of Cairo series


Enrique García

Part of our funky Fabulous Footwear series, this Lola cover featured a shoe designed by Enrique García

Sandro Solsona

Another quirky contemporary series was Good Dog!, which featured the work of Brazilian-Catalan artist Sandro Solsona

Alphonse Mucha

Our Mucha Collection featured a range of the famed Art Nouveau artist’s posters and panels, including Winter Child (from his Four Seasons series) and Tiger Lily (Plate 33 from his Documents Décoratifs)

Nicolas-Denis Derome

Our Parisian Mosaic series reproduced an 18th-century book binding by Nicolas-Denis Derome, known as “The Younger,” one of many artisans in a renowned family of French bookbinders


Sayoko Eri

Japanese artist Sayoko Eri was a devoted revivalist of the ancient kirikane technique and her artwork is reproduced across our Kirikane series, including our line of memento boxes

Yuko Nishimura

Japanese paper artist Yuko Nishimura is celebrated for fusing origami and origata in her art, which inspired both our Paperblanks Ori and Ori Ligature series as well as Paper-Oh Yuko-Ori

Alistair Bell

Alistair Bell was one of Canada’s finest print-making artists of the 20th century, and we reproduced four of his works for our Alistair Bell Collection

Marius Michel

Our Autumn Symphony series reproduced two book bindings by noted French bookbinder Marius Michel

Maurice Pillard Verneuil

Our Emergence series reproduced two plates from Art Nouveau artist Maurice Pillard Verneuil’s 1897 book L’Animal dans la decoration

Alec Shanks

A drawing by British theatre designer Alec Shanks, created in 1932 for the revue “Nuits de Folies,” inspired our Vintage Vogue Plume cover design

Gaston Girbal

Also part of our Vintage Vogue series, this Cabaret Cabaret cover came from a poster created for Le Casino de Paris by French illustrator and painter Gaston Girbal

Claude Monet

Our Monet Embellished Manuscript designs set a handwritten letter he wrote to fellow Impressionist Berthe Morisot against a background of two of his most famous paintings

“Le Gascon”

Our Mystique design reproduces a 17th-century binding attributed to the legendary, but ultimately anonymous, French book binder known as Le Gascon

Mila Marquis

German illustrator Mila Marquis is one of our favourite contemporary artists to work with, and we have now reproduced eight of her designs

Michiko Kamee

Our Kikka design reproduces Michiko Kamee’s “full of chrysanthemum” design, originally handpainted with gold overglaze and colour on china by employing Kyo-Satsuma

Android Jones

Another contemporary artist we love working with is “digital alchemist” Android Jones, the visionary behind our Dharma Dragon, Revolution and new Humming Dragon designs

Nadezhda (Nadya) Sokolova

Our new Birds of Happiness series features a reproduction of a batik on silk painting by Russian folk artist Nadezhda Sokolova

H.G. Moon

We began this retrospective with a series inspired by botanical illustrations, so it seems only fitting we should end with one too – our Woodland Daises and Gloriosa Lily covers reproduce images by H.G. Moon (1857–1905), an artist famed for his naturalistic arrangements and his ability to create lifelike paintings

Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with us! We’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to exploring the amazing artists we have represented on our covers, and we encourage you to visit our website to read the design stories on every product page.



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