When it comes to heartfelt communication, nothing beats a handwritten letter. Sending and receiving seasonal greetings is a favourite part of the holidays for many, an annual ritual that connects loved ones no matter how far apart or how long since you last wrote.

Pictured here: standard address book interior

Our line of address books has long been a key part of the Paperblanks stationery collection. Available in three size formats – ultra, midi and mini – they make it easy to keep contact information at your fingertips. Finding an entry is simple by selecting a letter on our uniquely shaped “thumb cut” tabs, and they also feature a memento pouch that completes the package.

Pictured here (top to bottom): Destiny, Olive Fairy and Van Huysum address books

Featuring some of our most popular cover designs, these handy contact organizers will make even the messiest desk look good. This season, we are introducing three new designs to our selection of Address Books:

  • Destiny mini
  • Olive Fairy midi
  • Van Huysum ultra


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