Symbolic meaning has been attributed to colours since ancient times, and for the past few decades the principles of colour psychology have been used in advertising to influence our purchases. While colour symbolism may vary from one culture to another and colour psychology has grown more complex over the years, we still associate certain shades with certain moods. For example, blue evokes trustworthiness and reliability, while yellow is often associated with happiness and optimism.

Pictured here: Foiled, Rembrandt’s 350th Birthday, Solis, Sun & Moonlight and Bach, Cantata BWV 112

For this month’s prompts, we are appealing to those associations and the feelings that colours evoke to help get your creative juices flowing. Whether you are drawing, writing or making a mixed media object, spin the colour wheel and get inspired to create something based on that hue or mood.

Create something inspired by the colour…

  • Red or the theme of passion, danger, adventure, strength, love or fame.
  • Orange or the theme of energy, vitality, joy or warmth.
  • Yellow or the theme of optimism, spring, sunshine or happiness.
  • Green or the theme of growth, rebirth, nature, liveliness, freshness and hope.
  • Blue or the theme of peace, serenity, etherealness, tranquility, calmness or spirituality.
  • Purple or the theme of royalty, magic, mystery, creativity, wisdom, romanticism or imagination.
Pictured here: Oceania, Azure, Velvet Cape, Verne, Twenty Thousand Leagues and Beethoven’s 250th Birthday

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