“Spring brings an end to winter
And a fresh beginning.
It is a gentle farewell
To yesterday
And the birth of new hope.”

–Joan Walsh Anglund

Every year we welcome spring with open arms, its brighter days and hints of blooms everywhere bringing to our lives a sense of hope and optimism. This year is no different, and if anything, this year spring is probably much more anticipated than usual. While technically the new season is still a few weeks away, we are so excited about spring that all of our creative energy is pointing that way.

Pictured here: Butterfly Garden

If you want to dive fully into spring too, here are some creative prompts to help you get started:

  • An early sign of spring you witnessed recently
  • Something memorable from spring in your childhood
  • How spring makes you feel
  • Your favourite part about spring
  • The sounds and smells of spring
  • What you have missed the most about spring
  • How the end of winter makes you feel
  • The new beginnings in your life
  • What you are hopeful for
  • Create something inspired by the colours of spring
Pictured here: Woodland Daisies journal

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Pictured here: Dayspring journal


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