If you’re anything like us here at Paperblanks, you’ve probably been filling up your journals and sketchbooks at an unprecedented rate this year. With so many feelings and events to reflect on and, for many, extra time at home to do so, a notebook has become an essential companion in 2020.

If this sounds familiar then we have good news for you… our Fall 2020 collection is hitting stores this summer!

Keep reading to see what’s coming up this July and August from Paperblanks and, as always, we’ll profile each new design in the coming weeks.

Pictured here: Golden Pathway hardcover journals and Jack Kerouac On the Road softcover Flexi notebooks

Golden Pathway

Original Art: Bookbinding for Jeremiah Schweiglinum’s Handbook of the Lord’s Supper
Era: 1568
Region: Nuremberg, Germany
Available As:
Ultra, midi, slim and mini journal, guest book

Jack Kerouac

On the Road

Original Art: Jack Kerouac’s handwritten notes with an illustration by Dominic Ferrari
Era: February 1950 (notes), contemporary (illustration)
Region: United States and United Kingdom
Available As:
Ultra, midi and mini softcover Flexi notebook

Pictured here: Cervantes, Letter to the King and Celebrating Charlie Chaplin hardcover journals

Embellished Manuscripts Collection

Cervantes, Letter to the King

Original Art: Letter handwritten by Cervantes
Era: Early 1600s
Region: Spain
Available As:
Ultra and midi journal, pencil case

Celebrating Charlie Chaplin

Original Art: Manuscript of Charlie Chaplin’s speech in The Great Dictator
Era: Late 1930s
Region: California, United States
Available As:
Ultra and midi journal, pencil case, manuscript box, document folder

Pictured here: Jungle Song softcover Flexi and Hummingbirds & Flutterbyes hardcover journal

Laurel Burch Collection

Hummingbirds & Flutterbyes

Original Art: Painting by Laurel Burch
Era: Contemporary
Region: San Francisco, United States
Available As:
Ultra, midi and mini journals, guest book

Jungle Song

Original Art: Jungle Song compilation watercolour painting
Era: Contemporary
Region: United States and Japan
Available As:
Ultra, midi and mini softcover Flexi notebook

New Address Books

Turquoise Chronicles

Available As: Mini address book


Available As: Ultra address book

Fire Flowers

Available As: Midi address book

Which new title are you most excited about?


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