As many children are now being homeschooled during Covid-19, some teachers have asked their students to start a journal as a way to create a time capsule, both as a tool to record these days for posterity – after all, children are witnessing history – but also as a familiar way for kids to process the turmoil of emotions they might be experiencing.

Beyond encouraging literacy and creativity, journalling can be used as an outlet to look inward and explore overwhelming emotions in a fun and mindful way. By putting their feelings on paper, children can create distance and make sense of these emotions. 

Pictured here: Peacock Punk journal

We believe in the many benefits journalling can bring to our lives. Here are some tips to help you and your little ones get started.

Use Journalling Prompts

Some children might need a little guidance on what to journal about. Whether it’s interviewing someone or writing about themselves, children can address the question of how Covid-19 has affected their daily life or how they feel practising isolation. But gratitude-focused questions can be very helpful too:

  • What is something that makes you happy? 
  • Write about someone who makes you laugh.
  • What do you love to do?
  • Write about someone you love.
  • What is something that makes you feel good?
Pictured here: Mischievous Creatures journal

Let Them Choose Their Style

Depending on the child’s age and interests, some might prefer drawing; others might choose writing. Let them journal their way and encourage them to explore creativity and develop their own style. The sky is the limit.

Let Them Be Messy

This is easier said than done, but it’s important not to expect perfection. Journalling should be reflective as well as fun. Forget about spelling mistakes or messy ink marks. This is a time they’ll want to remember from their childhood, and childhood is messy!

Pictured here: Blue Rhine journal unlined

Have Fun With Them

As life around us is changing, journalling together can be a bonding experience. Enjoy spending time interviewing or drawing each other, leaving little notes for days to come or simply allowing your imagination to run wild.

What else would you include in your time capsule?


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