With all manner of digital communications at our fingertips, staying in touch is now easier than ever. However, in this digital age the personal touch of a handwritten letter is not only meaningful but treasured by many. 

A thoughtful note written on beautiful paper can be a pleasant surprise for the recipient, while for the sender it’s an opportunity to slow down and cozy up with a cup of tea, enjoying the feeling of the pen gliding across the page.

Pictured here: Peacock Punk address book

If you love sending letters but don’t know what to write about, here are some prompts to help you get into the writing spirit. 

  1. Send a follow-up thank-you note for a gift you received, letting the gifter know you are still using and loving the item.
  2. Write to a friend and describe a new favourite place to visit.
  3. Send a note to your elementary school, updating them about where you are today and what you are up to.
  4. Send a new mom a note of encouragement.
  5. Write to a loved one letting them know five things you appreciate about them.
  6. Send a postcard to someone who has moved away to let them know your city misses them. 
  7. Send one of your favourite recipes for a friend to try.
  8. Write to a child in your life (include a stamp and ask them to write back). Kids don’t get enough mail and they love it!
  9. Write to a friend who lives far away to plan a future trip to see each other.
  10. Write a thank-you note for a public servant or organization you admire.
  11. Write to your future self (don’t open it until years later!).
  12. Send mail to a social media friend to connect in a more personal way. 
  13. Send a note, just because, to someone you know is lonely.
  14. Write to an old friend and tell them five things that make you most happy right now.
  15. Write a letter to the editor of your favourite magazine.
Pictured here: Aurelia address book

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