It’s the beginning of a new month in a still-new year, so it seems like the perfect time to release some new designs, too!

Our first new collection of 2019 is hitting stores now, and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you what we’ve been up to.Here’s a sneak preview of the new releases coming your way this winter and spring, and we’ll be checking back in weekly to give more details about the unique stories behind the new cover art.

Fire Flowers

Original Artwork: Binding of La Déclamation Théâtrale

Era: 1766

Region: Paris, France

Available As: Grande, ultra, midi, mini, guest book, pencil case

Nature Montages

Moon Garden and Butterfly Garden

Original Artwork: Digital artworks by Gary Grayson

Era: Contemporary

Region: United States

Available As: Midi, slim

Napoleon’s 250th Anniversary Special Edition*

*select markets only

Original Artwork: Letter handwritten by Napoleon Bonaparte and a statue by Seurre

Era: Late 18th–early 19th century

Region: France

Available As: Ultra, midi

Rembrandt’s 350th Anniversary Special Edition

Original Artwork: Rembrandt’s The Windmill etching

Era: completed in 1641

Region: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Available As: Ultra, midi

Varanasi Silks and Saris

Gulabi, Siyah, Sunahara and Ferozi

Original Artwork: Handwoven textiles from the Kasim Silk Emporium

Era: Modern piece, ancient tradition

Region: Varanasi, India

Available As: Midi, pencil case (Gulabi and Siyah only)

Old Leather Flint and Calypso

Original Artwork: Inspired by gold-tooled leather bindings

Era: Contemporary art in a Renaissance style

Region: Designed in Canada with a European influence

Flint Available As: Grande, ultra, midi, slim, mini, guest book

Calypso Available As: Flexi ultra, Flexi midi

New Flexis

In addition to introducing new cover design Calypso as a softcover Flexi, our popular Celestial Planisphere, Aureo and Moonlight designs are also now available as part of our Flexi collection.

Visit our website to browse these designs and discover the rest of the Paperblanks catalogue.

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About Paperblanks: When creating our Paperblanks line, we were driven by a desire to keep the beauty of books alive. By drawing inspiration from great artists and craftspeople, our aim is to help you feel inspired and creative every day and to help you create your own personal pieces of art. For more about Paperblanks and our journals, visit our website at


  1. I simply ADORE this “Sari” collection!
    Thank you for having the foresight & vision to create something so absolutely unique & gorgeous!

    • Thank you, Farah! Our Art Director came across some absolutely beautiful fabric while visiting Varanasi and was inspired to create these journals 🙂


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