It’s been nearly a year since we launched our first-ever line of softcover notebooks, and the response has been overwhelming โ€“ in a wonderful way!

We are so glad to see that our lightweight Paperblanks Flexis have found a place in your lives. And we just couldn’t resist making more!

After testing this new concept with our regular lined interior, we’ve now expanded our Flexis collection to include two new interior options, plus a Mini format version. So whether you’ve been holding out for an unlined Flexi, a flexible notebook for bullet journalling, a smaller size for travel or are simply ready to add to your collection, there’s a new Flexi for every style and use.

Here’s what’s new this autumn:

  • 7 designs available in Mini format
  • Midnight Rebel Bold, Aurelia, Dharma Dragon and Poetry in Bloom covers
  • 4 books offering dot-grid interiors (and our unique stencil!)
  • 9 designs now available unlined

Check Out Paperblanks Flexis

When creating our Paperblanks line, we were driven by a desire to keep the beauty of books alive. By drawing inspiration from great artists and craftspeople, our aim is to help you feel inspired and creative every day and to help you create your own personal pieces of art. For more about Paperblanks and our journals, visit our website at


  1. Am I the only one who would like to see more journals in the Slim size? I bought a few, a few years ago, all in the Old Leather style with the magnetic clasp, and have loved having them accompany me while I make notes though thick and thin… I’m now down to my last one and regrettably, I can’t find one which appeals to me to stock up with! The designs are all lovely – just not my particular cup of tea as I like something quite classic and neither pictorial nor too colourful to carry around and use every day. I would have loved to have been able to carry on the series of my own personal notebooks, without changing pattern… Call me a stick in the mud – I think there’s a beauty to classics!

    • Hi Caroline,

      Thanks for your message! We love your classical style and really appreciate the feedback. We do try to offer a mix of cover styles in each size but unfortunately that doesn’t mean we will always have the right design/format combination for everyone. But the good news is that the slim format isn’t going anywhere soon and we’ll continue to bring out new cover designs. Our next collection comes out in early 2019 so be sure to keep an eye out ๐Ÿ™‚

      All the best,
      Robyn @ Paperblanks

  2. Hi Team,
    I really want a Flexi but I am scared I will ruin the cover. I am pretty ruthless with my books and chuck them around… whatโ€™s the cover made of, will it bend or fold up? Are they splash proof??

    • Hi Rami,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Our Flexis are made of the same cover materials as our regular journals โ€“ just without the hardcover binder board cover underneath. So while they are of the highest quality, they are still paper covers and won’t stand up to massive spills. Due to their flexible nature, they are likely to show some of the wear and tear of regular use, in the way a classic book will become worn with age. However, we’ve been using them quite a bit and have found them to quite durable!


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