After nearly two weeks of voting we are down to our final two designs!

Thanks to everyone who has cast a vote so far, but your favourite design isn’t safe yet. Make sure that your top pick is the one selected for re-release by voting one more time. You have until 8:59am (PDT) on Thursday, April 20th to make your choice.

We’ll be announcing the winning design immediately after the contest closes, and then the wait will be on to see it back in stores (with some exciting new touches).

About the Designs – Final Battle

Note: Final voting ends Thursday, April 20th at 8:59am (PDT)

Intricate Inlays Mirror Vine (Architecture Photography Winner)

First Released: Fall 2003

Discontinued: Fall 2016

Original Artwork: Photograph by Gérard Degeorge

Era: Early Islamic architecture, modern photograph

Region: Arab-Muslim world

Round One Results: Won 119 to Dragon’s 36

Round Two Results: Won 61 to Bamboo’s 40

Design Details: Classical decorative inlay designs include intricately carved floral patterns and entwining geometric shapes embedded with finely coloured precious and semiprecious stones. The unique piece of inlay artistry gracing this shimmering foliage-patterned Paperblanks Mirror Vine book cover was captured by French photographer, architect and writer Gérard Degeorge.


Early Cartography Western Hemisphere (Antique Maps Winner)

First Released: Fall 1994

Discontinued: Fall 2010

Original Artwork: Americæ Nova Tabula coloured copperplate map by cartographer Willem Blaeu

Era: 1617–1633

Region: Amsterdam

Round One Results: Won 85 to Celestial Planisphere’s 70

Round Two Results: Won 70 to Honey Bloom’s 31

Design Details: Cartography was once the stuff of adventure, madness and speculation; mapmakers were visionaries, scientists and artists. In this design you can see the world through the eyes of the 17th century cartographer Willem Blaeu, a mapmaker who set the standard for the quality of the engraving, paper and color. It is a fine depiction of contemporary geographical knowledge and one of the most sought-after maps from the Golden Age of Dutch cartography, blending contemporary geographical knowledge and a rich decorative image.

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