The pros and cons of freelance writing can look remarkably similar. Pro: You’re your own boss. Con: Nobody is watching out for your deadlines, finding you assignments or making sure you get paid a working wage.

If you love to write and want to maintain freedom in your schedule, or are looking for a way to supplement your income while working on your next novel, freelance writing can be an ideal way to flex your creative muscles while earning money. However, unless you already have some amazing connections or have built up a reputation in the writing community, diving into the world can be pretty daunting. Before you consider going out on your own, consider these ten survival tips to make sure you’re prepared for what lies ahead.

10 Freelance Writing Survival Tips

  1. Set deadlines, and do whatever it takes to meet them
  2. Build an audience online – even if your blog or Twitter followers aren’t offering you work, people looking for a freelancer will check out your reputation and following so it’s never too early to generate some buzz
  3. Focus on relationships, not just output – you never know when that one-off assignment could turn into a regular thing
  4. Qualifications don’t matter, the writing does (also known as, “If you want to write, just write”)
  5. Celebrate your successes before moving on to the next project
  6. Differentiate home time from work time, even if you are working at home
  7. Be prepared for dry spells (so don’t quit your day job just yet)
  8. Pitch yourself to periodicals or websites you like rather than waiting to find that perfect job posting or have someone seek you out
  9. Hone your expertise on niche subjects to set yourself apart from the crowd whenever possible
  10. Work on your organisation and budgetting skills so you can find that perfect balance between a healthy schedule and worthwhile financial outcome

4 Types of Freelance Writing

If you think you have what it takes to persevere in the often cutthroat world of freelancing, then this previous Writing Wednesday might be for you: The Unsung Art of Freelance Writing. In it we break down four important types of freelance writing to help you explore new worlds of creative possibilities.

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