One of the biggest enemies of creativity is logic. Okay, maybe this is an extreme statement, but the truth is that the more you think about your art, the less naturally you feel it. If you are finding it difficult to put pen, pencil or brush to paper, take heart: There are ways to loosen yourself up and get back to trusting your best instincts. The next time you’re finding that you are creating more with your brain than with your gut, try one of these quick exercises to get back in the realm of spontaneity rather than rules.

Turn Off the Lights

Working in reduced lighting conditions means that you can’t see every single detail and thus won’t over-analyse every move you make.

Try a “Twenty-Five-Stroke” Painting

Take a small canvas or sheet of paper (around Letter or A4 in size) and challenge yourself to create an entire piece in twenty-five moves or less.

Redo a Completed Work

Pick up one of your older pieces and try redoing it. This time you won’t need to focus on the composition of shapes and colours and can, instead, let your hands guide how you go about recreating the scene.

Work From the Inside Out (or Vice Versa)

If you usually start with the outline, then skip that step and go straight to filling it in. Beginning with the colours and shading can help you intuitively create as you go, rather than having to fill in a preassigned design. Likewise, if you don’t typically lay down outlines to begin, then try mapping things out in this way and stick to your plan as you fill it all in.

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