One of our favourite sources of inspiration for our Paperblanks® cover designs is an amazing old book filled with antique swatches of fabric. With the samples collected in France in the late 1800s, all of the designs and patterns tell a unique story of European fashion and textile history.

For Spring 2015 we’ve selected four silk and satin floral samples to craft our Chic & Satin series.

Chic & Satin Black Dahlia

The dark and alluring Black Dahlia rose is seen here on this opulent journal cover, which emphasises the classically Victorian colour choice of deep, rich red.

Chic and Satin - Fan
Chic & Satin: Painted Lady, Dusk Rosk, Blue Muse and Black Dahlia (bottom to top)

Chic & Satin Blue Muse

The electric blue design on this book cover was originally created using a damask stitch that completely covered a piece of satin in a silken floral pattern.


Chic & Satin Dusk Rose

Our Dusk Rose journal cover is inspired by a modest fabric sample that would have been used as creative inspiration by the fashion houses of the Victorian period.


Chic & Satin Painted Lady

The bold colours of this design represent a shift from Victorian opulence to the blue and yellow hallmarks of the Aesthetic movement. Our Painted Lady cover reproduces a silk and satin fabric swatch that was likely one of the first to use aniline dyes to achieve such bright colours.

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  1. This collection is so beautiful! The Blue Muse and Black Dahlia designs are especially enchanting. If it was ever possible, I would LOVE to see these designs in micro format!

    • Thanks for idea, Kailey! We’re so glad to hear that you love the new collection.

      The Paperblanks® Team


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