A new design, entitled Shadow, has been added to Paperblanks’ Silver Filigree Collection. Shadow joins the collection’s two previous designs, Natural and Blush Pink.

Shadow: Mini Classic & Mini formats

Shadow is available in three formats: the Mini format with premium features (metal clasp and ornamental edge printing), the new Mini Reporter format, and an additional “classic” Mini format (sans premium features).

About the Silver Filigree Collection

Intricacy and delicacy combine with repetition to create this silvered meditation on the nature of beauty. The word “filigree” derives from the Latin words “filum” for thread and “granum” for seed. The filigree pattern adorning our cover was originally designed and handcrafted in Germany circa 1800. To achieve the gilded and polished motif, a base layer of silver sheets was first die cut, and elaborate grooves were then meticulously etched into its surface.

The art of filigree is a moving testament to the human drive to ornament in order to delight the eye and the spirit. One can imagine a magistrate in ancient times carrying such a book and using it to keep a record of matters of state as easily as one can see it in pride of place on a well-appointed contemporary desk.

Shadow Natural Blush Pink

To find out more about this collection go to our Silver Filigree products page here.

Find & Buy Paperblanks

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