Philanthropy has always been a core part of the Paperblanks company ethos. Our Social Commitment blog series covers the organizations we support who are doing tangible work at a community level.

We provide financial support to children at the Warne Baby Fold Orphanage in Bareilly, India. There are more than 100 children under Warne Baby Fold’s care, and the orphanage is dependent on financial support from individual sponsors. As one of these sponsors we provide financial aid and support to ensure that children at Warne Baby Fold receive the best education available to them for their age-level and experience. For some students, this is vocational school that trains them in nursing, engineering and computer sciences.  For others, particularly the youngest children who are just entering school, this means enrollment in boarding schools that are among the most reputable in the country.

The aim of our program is to give all children a fighting chance to succeed in a country where competition is extremely tough.

The ongoing financial support we give is related to supporting education and encouraging bilingualism so that children may learn how to read, write and speak in English.  Hindi is the dominant language spoken in Bareilly and taught in schools, and as a result many children do not learn how to read and write in English, which is a significant advantage in India.

It’s important that children receive bilingual education as early as possible and currently we’re funding a group of young children, all under ten years old, through boarding school.  We’re also supporting a group of young women in their teens who are enrolled in nursing as well as older children studying to be engineers.

Overall, we’ve provided financial support for more than ten years to a number of children, some of whom have grown up and are now in their twenties working as trained medical professionals and engineers. We work with Warne Baby Fold because we want to provide the best education possible to children who need the support most.

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