It’s almost Mother’s Day, so we wanted to Spotlight one of our more feminine collections of writing journals: our Brocaded Paper Collection.

Sumptuous Varieties of Gold Decorated Paper

Gold leaf blocking on leather and parchment had been practiced in Europe since the early 16th century. From 1698 onward this technique was applied to paper. What became known as brocaded paper was produced in a relief printing process – a design cut in relief from a sheet of copper or brass at least 6 mm thick, using a number of different metalworking tools. The repertoire of shapes used to decorate brocaded paper, among them ribbons, tendrils, arabesques and floral blossoms, closely echo the patterns adorning the leather wall coverings and silk damask of the time. Toward the end of the 18th and in the 19th century the predominant motifs chosen were leaves with figurative patterns, laid out like a picture sheet.

Our Designs

Our five Brocaded Paper designs are depicted below.

Midnight Gold Golden Fuchsia
available in midi and slim formats available in ultra and midi formats
Bavarian Wild Flower Honey Bloom
available in ultra, midi and slim formats available in ultra, midi and slim formats
Flaming Gold
available in ultra and slim formats

Which of these five covers is your favourite?

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  1. My favorite one is Flaming Gold! It’s so punchy!
    It look like a sunset, it’s the color of the holiday!
    Paperblanks rules!!!


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