Writing Wednesday usually means helpful advice and words of wisdom from those who have dedicated their lives to writing. However, as we learned with this post on “How (Not) to Write Like a Famous Author,” the act of being a writer doesn’t automatically make you the last word on the “dos and don’ts” of the craft. Likewise, not being a professional author yourself shouldn’t negate the validity of your thoughts on the subject.

This week, we’ve broadened our scope a bit and rounded up some great pieces of advice from some incredibly creative, successful “non-writers.” Hopefully their thoughts on creativity and inspiration will transcend the realm of the art form for which they have become best-known and challenge you to view your own process in a new light.

Da-Vinci-01 Einstein-03 Freud---(1) Frida-Kahlo Gandhi---(1) Henri-Matisse---(1) Laurel-Burch---(3) Rodin - (2) Benjamin-Franklin---(1) Florence-Nightingale---(1) Friedrich-Nietzsche---(3)

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