We Heard the Demand, and Answered the Call!
Bullet Journalling the Paperblanks Way

Over the past couple of years, Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journalling system has taken the world by storm. By innovating a decorative style of organisation that anyone can learn, Carroll has created a community of modern journallers. Just in time for back-to-school shopping, we are excited to release our first ever line of Paperblanks Dot-Grid Planners, designed with bullet journalling in mind.

We believe that a planner holds a valuable place in our daily lives and connects our innermost thoughts to the outside world. The physical act of writing down a goal and seeing your ideas etched on a page keeps you tangibly connected to that intention. A planner is a place to remember the present and plan what comes next, while giving “future you” an opportunity to revisit the paths you took to get there.

Our new Dot-Grid Planners will help you achieve your goals in style. We’ve pulled together some of the best parts of a dot-grid interior, added a few features of our own (including a specially designed stencil) and packaged it all inside your favourite Paperblanks covers, creating a one-of-a-kind journalling experience.

Dot-Grid Planner Features

  • Index page
  • Page numbers
  • Dot-grid interior
  • Three ribbon markers
  • Special Paperblanks stencil
  • Elastic closure
  • Memento pouch
  • 240 pages
  • 100 gsm (paper weight)
  • Ultra format
  • Kikka, Safavid, Joyous Springtime, Black Moroccan Bold, Celeste and Aurelia cover options

Find Dot-Grid Planners in Stores

When creating our Paperblanks line, we were inspired by the many great artists and craftspeople who have shared their creativity with the world. It is our mission to bring that sense of craftsmanship and beauty to the personal and simple objects of everyday life.


  1. Wonderful! Just what we were hoping for!
    Unfortunately, we don’t find these Paperblank Bullet Journals in any of our local stores.
    We live in Alicante Spain.
    We usually buy Paperblank notebooks in the store “El Corte Inglés”.
    Please send a message down the line and see if you have a sales representative here in Spain who can try to get El Corte Inglés to carry the Paperblank Bullet Journals.
    Without doubt, we will buy several.
    We own many many of your fine notebooks.
    We also give them as presents.

    Thank you very much for your attention.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Ray,

      Thanks for reaching out! We will certainly let our Spanish sales team know about the difficulty you’re having finding our Dot-Grid Planners in stores.

      Have you tried on our online shop for Spain? We carry our full collection and can ship directly to you: shop.paperblanks.com

      Robyn @ Paperblanks

  2. I’m so so happy about that! I love your paperblanks journals, but started to bullet journal. So I couldn’t use the normal journals from you anymore. My question right now is, if the pages are thick enough, so I can use Aquarell colors? Also if they are “soft” enough and didn’t soak up the water too much? Hopefully you can answer my questions!

    • Hi Sara,

      Thanks for your message! Our first season of Dot-Grid Planners uses a paper better designed for pencils and less wet inks. However we are currently working on an updated season with thicker text paper that would be ideal for this type of use. Please stay tuned 🙂

      In the meantime, any of our hardcover journals with 120gsm paper should work well for you – though we would always suggest testing your inks on the last page before diving in.

      All the best,
      Robyn @ Paperblanks

      • I’m super happy that you are working on a thicker paper for the bullet journals, it is the only thing keeping me from buying one. I absolutely love your journals, there’s nothing like them ?

        • Thank you, Malene! That means so much to hear.

          We hope to be able to share an update our on Dot-Grid Planners soon!

  3. These Dot Grid Journals are my absolute FAVORITE! they are the perfect size to contain exactly 1 year of Bullet Journalling. Tomorrow will be the start of my 5th year using these journals. It has been increasingly difficult to find them and I worry they may not be available anymore? If they are being discontinued, I’d love a little help finding a couple backups so I am covered until I can find a replacement. BUT would LOVE their continuation- perhaps 1 style per year?


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