Handwritten drafts and early manuscripts don’t necessarily end as published pieces of literature. As we saw with a recent post on concept art, sometimes those ideas can end up taking their final form on the big screen.

Check out the four widely different rough drafts below for insight into cinematic history.

François Truffaut Names The 400 Blows

This French founder of New Wave had a few options when it came to naming his first feature film.
New Wave
Image Source: www.youmightfindyourself.com, originally from the book François Truffaut at Work by Carole Le Berre (New York: Phaidon, 2005).

Ingmar Bergman Notates His Persona Script

In his copy of the ninety-page script for his 1966 film Persona, this famed Swedish director left handwritten notes, sketches, photos and even a flower.

Image Source: Rudy/Godinez

Francis Ford Coppola’s Casting Ideas

Leaving us all to wonder (perhaps in horror) “what if?”, these casting notes from Coppola suggest some very different directions The Godfather could have taken.

Image Source: The A.V. Club

Heath Ledger’s Dark Knight Diary

The toll that immersing himself in the character of the Joker took on Heath Ledger is heartbreakingly measurable, as the nightmares resulting from his research into the mind of a psychopath eventually led to his downward spiral and death at age twenty-eight. There is no denying how perfectly he embodied the memorable Batman villain, and the documentary Too Young to Die takes an exclusive look at his preparation and mindset during filming.

The brief clip below shows Ledger’s father, Kim Ledger, looking through the diary his son kept while preparing for his Oscar-winning role.

The full documentary is available online.

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