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In a recent Endpaper post we provided links for downloadable Milestone Booklets that enhance your experience of capturing memories from both childhood and adult life. If you’re an active journal user, it was probably quite easy to picture how you would use these booklets and get the most out of your 10-Year Journal. But, what about if you are looking to purchase a gift for someone else?

If you have any new (or about to be new) parents in your life, our 10-Year Journals make the ideal gift for helping these mums and dads memorialise the first decade of their child’s life. With a family tree at the beginning of every journal, these books offer ten years of entries for remembering the fun and monumental details of everyday life. The Childhood Milestone Booklet is what takes these journals to the next level and makes them truly special and unique ways to track all the transitions over a decade. From recording a child’s changing height and weight to favourite foods and activities, these booklets provide a guided experience that makes journalling a breeze for even non-writers.

10-Year Baby Theme - 2

Check out our ongoing 10-Year Journals blog series for both downloadable links and tips for getting the most out of your ten-year journalling experience:

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