daily routines

Mason Currey’s 2013 book Daily Rituals: How Artists Work offers an in-depth, personal look at the habits of some of history’s brightest and most creative minds. By combing through notes and records, Currey has managed to put together an hourly timeline for the workday of 161 individuals, from Charles Darwin to Agatha Christie to Pablo Picasso.


Charles Darwin infographic source: Info We Trust

If you haven’t had a chance to browse through a copy of this book, then we might have found a time-saving alternative to get you started. RJ Andrews of Info We Trust has created eye-pleasing, easy-to-read infographics for sixteen of the featured artists, including Sigmund Freud and Maya Angelou. Using a twelve-hour clock as his legend, Andrews has brilliantly captured the artists’ routines in a concise graphic.

Creative Minds from Info We Trust
Creative Minds infographic source: Info We Trust

Now, the only question is: How did Currey and Andrews break up their days when compiling these daily rituals?

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